Community Advocacy Research Consultancy



The primary focus of this Research Consultancy is to conduct Community Development Research and enhance Human Development Africans and Africans in the Diaspora.

The secondary task is to facilitate interactive seminars and workshops create the necessary working mechanisms for Capacity Building in development cooperation, research education, Youth Empowerment and Professional development for National "brain gain" in developing economies of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our consultancy philosophy is based on an Innovative Community Action Participation Based Learning Enforcement [INCAPABLE] Model of analysis and evaluation. Our INCAPABLE research model enhances a functional Development and Change Orientation to Social sustainabilit; a paradgm Shift that ascertains "INCLUSIVENESS" and Integration for social cohesion by tapping into National talent pool(s) for maximizing Local Professional Expertise (LPE).

Community Development Research Advocacy is a Credible Empowerment Tool forInternational Development Cooperation with marginalized Communities in deporable and challenging Environments.